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The Workplace Outlook: Strategies For Growth In 2024

In every functional work environment, teamwork and positive result are usually core areas companies take seriously to achieve their goals, amidst the plethora of realities and happenings within and outside the workplace.

While strategy, planning, goals, targets and results are put into consideration, the need for teamwork, which cuts across the place, influence and decisions of the executive also comes to the fore.

However, these realities (mostly economic situations) latest trends, and happenings around have one way or the other affected decisions in most contemporary workplaces.

The situation rather reminds every team player of the need to realign strategies for more cohesiveness, create a positive working atmosphere and recognise the strengths and skills that each team member brings.

This now calls for critical look and need for a platform to be created to connect prevailing economic realities to the changing dynamics in the workplace through events and market intelligence.

In order to balance the conversation between the employer and employee, the Workplace Outlook is a strategic platform and initiative that has come to stay and remind every team player of an alignment of employer and employee expectations.

The 2024 edition, recently held in Lagos was powered by Alan&Grant and Nairametrics. The event also brought together dignitaries and professionals from different companies such as the MD/CEO of Nairametrix, Ugochukwu Obi-Chukwu also known as Ugodre, Human Resources and Project Management Expert, Yewande Ayowole Oso, Dr. Osaze, and others to identify the realities facing the employer and employee, and explore solutions to bridge the gap between them.

The programme also identified Market Intelligence, its key role, and how it can be wholistically harnessed for positive result in every work environment.



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