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Fighting Shatters Israel-Hamas Truce

Fighting has shattered the Israel-Hamas truce which ended on Friday.

This development comes after negotiations reached a stalemate and Israel accused the Palestinian militant group of violating the agreement by firing at Israel.

With both warring sides blaming each other, the the seven-day temporary ceasefire expired at 07:00 (05:00 GMT).

In reaction to the situation, the UN has tagged it a “nightmare” as the resumption of fighting between Israel and Hamas has been met with a mixture of fear and anger in Gaza.

On the impact of the war, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank, which draws its data from Hamas-run health authorities in the Gaza Strip revealed that the nearly eight-week war that preceded the lull in fighting caused widespread destruction saw more than 14,800 people killed in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the United States has made it clear to Israel that scale of devastation should not be repeated while the situation tilts towards  the next round of fighting.

It was also reported by a UN official that the much-needed aid had stopped coming through the Rafah crossing since the ceasefire ended.

Sources also revealed that the sound of heavy gunfire heard in areas of northern Gaza infiltrated by the Israeli military, on Friday morning, with clashes breaking out between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters.

There seemed to be no let up in the pace of fighting after the ceasefire, with jet fighters and reconnaissance planes deployed.

According to analysts, the war which may be much fiercer this time is bound to continue until Hamas is crushed.


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