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Sexual Assault Allegations: Jimmie Allen Dropped By Record Label

Record label, BBR Music Group has reportedly dropped country music singer, Jimmie Allen on Monday and pulled the artists page from the label’s website.

According to CNN, a representative for BBR in a statement said, “BBR Music Group has dissolved its relationship with Jimmie Allen, he is no longer an active artist on its roster.”

The label reportedly suspended its relationship with Allen after a lawsuit, obtained by CNN, was filed against the singer on May 11, accusing him of sexual assault and harassment. A second lawsuit in which Allen is accused of sexual assault was filed by a different woman in federal court in Tennessee on June 9.

Although, CNN has reached out to a representative for Allen for comment.

According to a copy of the June 9 lawsuit obtained by CNN, the petitioner, cited as Jane Doe 2, claims Allen sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel room in July 2022. The suit also claims that Allen surreptitiously videotaped the incident without her consent.

In a copy of the complaint obtained by CNN, the May 11 lawsuit alleges Allen “raped and sexually abused” the plaintiff, cited as Jane Doe, while she was working at his management company Wide Open Music between 2020 and 2022.

After that lawsuit was filed, Allen released a statement to Variety.

“It is deeply troubling and hurtful that someone I counted as one of my closest friends, colleagues and confidants would make allegations that have no truth to them whatsoever,” Allen said in the May statement.

The statement continued, “I acknowledge that we had a sexual relationship — one that lasted for nearly two years. During that time, she never once accused me of any wrongdoing, and she spoke of our relationship and friendship as being something she wanted to continue indefinitely. Only after things ended between us, did she hire a lawyer to reach out and ask for money, which leads me to question her motives. The simple fact is, her accusations are not only false, but also extremely damaging. I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my career, and I intend to mount a vigorous defense to her claims and take all other legal action necessary to protect my reputation.”

Elizabeth Fegan, the lawyer representing the women, told CNN in a statement on Monday, “Since Jane Doe filed her case last month, we’ve heard from others who share similar experiences. Jane Doe 2’s filing demonstrates to me that there is a vivid, distinct pattern of behavior. We intend to show it’s a pattern of deceit, manipulation, and ultimately of force.

“The law is clear – anyone who has given consent in sexual activity has the right and the ability to revoke consent at any time. Just as no means no, stop means stop. If one participant doesn’t stop, it is sexual assault.”

Allen and his wife, Alexis Gale, both filed for divorce shortly before the first lawsuit was filed, according to online court records.

Allen was nominated for a best new artist Grammy in 2022 after releasing his second studio album, “Bettie James Gold Edition.” In 2021, he became the second Black musician to win the best new artist CMA Award. Allen also competed on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2021 and appeared as a mentor on “American Idol” in 2022.


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