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Lagos Compensates Bus-train Accident Victims

Victims of the recent collision between a train and a bus conveying staff of Lagos state are to be compensated by the State Government.

This announcement was made by the Lagos Statement Government in a statement on Tuesday as the state promised to provide employment to one employable child of each of the dead victims of the accident and a concessionary scholarship to one of their biological children.

The development occurred after a nine-member committee set up by the state in the aftermath of the accident of March 9 submitted its report.

The statement read: “Findings of the report showed that the accident had six fatalities from a total of 102 passengers involved, with 85 passengers on board the staff bus, while 17 were on the train.

“The committee as part of its recommendations advised: Death benefits from the Group Life Insurance for families of the deceased, provision of employment to one employable child of the deceased and a concessionary scholarship to one of the deceased’s biological children.

“Injured accident victims were also recommended in the report to be paid full insurance claims as compensation while any staff victim with a permanent disability is also to be compensated in line with the Group Life Insurance Policy of the state, among other benefits.

“The committee, which consists permanent secretaries from relevant ministries of the state public service, was set up to identify the families of the deceased and their dependents, as well as the injured officers, and to determine appropriate compensation packages for each affected family and staff of the state government.

“A final decision on the committee’s recommendations will be taken by the state executive council and further directives communicated by the Head of Service, Mr Hakeem Muri-Okunola.”

The driver of the staff bus involved in the accident, Oluwaseun Osinbajo, has a case of manslaughter established against him.

According to the state government, as soon as he’s done recuperating, he will be charged to court.


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