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NYSC Should Be Scrapped, Says Kate Henshaw

Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw has revealed that National Youth Service Corps should be scrapped because it no longer guarantees the safety of the corps members traveling from one part of the country to another.

In the opinion of the veteran actress, NYSC has outlived its purpose, The Guardian reports.

Henshaw who went memory lane on social media narrated her experience as a corps member and how things were peaceful loving. She said;

“When I served in the North,it was a very memorable experience. Travelling from Bauchi by road to the airport was safe & then flying to Lagos just with my NYSC ID card, which also got me rebate on my ticket.

It’s time to SCRAP this idea since corpers can’t travel within this country without LET OR HINDRANCE!

Stop putting the lives of young people at risk with moribund ideas.

Security is a priority & needs to be sorted totally, not technically”

Meanwhile, apart from Kate Henshaw, some concerned Nigerians have also supported the idea of NYSC being scrapped.

There are also reports of one incident or the other from news outlets as it concerns corp members either losing their lives or being in an endangered situation.


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