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Silverbird Food Challenge Begins Soon

As history is being made in different fields of endeavours globally, the opportunity to set new records are endless, especially with the emergence of the Silverbird’s Food Challenge.

The Silverbird Food Challenge is a food contest open for people who have passion food and want to take the zeal to the next level by eating a required quantity of food after adhering to the rules of the game.

For people who also boast to their friends how much they love food, how fast they can eat, the quantity they can consume without having equals to match them – this is the time to set new food eating record and win lots of amazing prizes.

To register, visit our website at www.rhythm937.com. and register for Silverbird’s Food Challenge!

Step 1: Register on our website http://www.rhythm937.com/silverbird-food-challenge/ Fill in the data form and upload a picture of yourself with your favorite food. Post same picture on Instagram with the caption “My Food Challenge Entry” using the hashtags: #foodchallenge #silverbirdfoodchallenge and tagging @937rhythmfm @silverbirdtv @silverbirdn24

Step 2: Selected contestants will be contacted to participate in an open audition process to test their eating capacity and ability. Finalists will qualify to participate in the main event where category winners will receive cash prizes, gifts and certificates.

Silverbird’s Food Challenge is a fun, exciting, entertaining, innovative speed eating contest strictly for lovers of food .

Silverbird’s Food Challenge- For the love of food!








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