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Ben Murray-Bruce Urges Govt. To Legalise Illegal Refineries

The Silverbird group founder, Ben Murray-Bruce has urged to government to legalise the illegal refineries by doing a deal with those that are involved in the business.

He made this statement while speaking at the 2023 Silverbird Man of the Year Awards which was held on Sunday, March 3 at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos.

The renowned business mogul who has always been an advocate for a better nation through his “Common Sense” series also made comments on some sensitive and vital issues in the country, expressing his view on the possible solutions to the worrisome problems.

In his speech, Ben Bruce posited that the private sector should be funded by the banks to build the economy and turn the country to construction site.

He urged Nigeria to make it a law that Nigerians should fly Nigeria carrier to strengthen the Naira. He advocated for the patronage of made in Nigeria products such as Innoson vehicles and co.

On the hunger in the land, he said the reasons the consumer are in trouble is die to the high cost of transportation because the producer and retailers had put all the burdens on the consumers.

To him, the government must take a position to regulate the cost of transportation so that the price of food can crash.

He commended president Tinubu for trying to implement Steve Orosanye report.

At the event were dignitaries and notable personalities who were also recipients of the various categories of awards.

See details of his speech, click on the link below.




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