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Economic Hardship Protest Begins In Lagos

Protest against economic hardship and hunger organised by a human rights group identified as the “Take It Back Movement” started on Monday in the city of Lagos State, Nigeria.

The group came out en-masse to pass a message to the public concerning the soaring price of food and the high cost of living in the country.

Prior to the protest, there was a warning issued by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Adegoke Fayoade, on Sunday.

Fayoade said the police are aware of the plan by some people to protest in the state and will ensure that necessary measures are put in place for the safety of the lives and property of Lagosians.

He further stated that nothing would hinder the free flow of traffic or a peaceful environment to let residents carry out their lawful duties.

During the protest which occurred at Ojuelegba under the bridge area of the state, the protesters were seen carrying placards of various inscriptions to pass a message on the current economic hardship across the country.

The TIB National Coordinator, Juwon Sanyaolu, said the protest was a demonstration of the people’s will against oppressive tendencies and hardship, The Punch reports.

“Yes, despite police attempts to frustrate the people, Lagosians stood their ground. The police are paid by taxpayers’ money, they are meant to secure us.

“We were able to match from Yaba Labour House to Maryland. The protest will continue tomorrow and updates will be given. We will join NLC in their nationwide mass action to put an end to this hardship created by the ruling elite,” Sanyaolu added.

While revealing their demands, Sanyaolu said, “The Tinubu-led government must immediately reverse the fuel subsidy removal, the floating of naira and other policies of the International Monetary Fund imposed on Nigerians.”

The Joint Action Front and the Coalition for Revolution were other members of other civil society organisations at the protest venue.

Others who following the protesters were Police officers with vans and officers of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps.


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