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Bob Marley And His Impact On Reggae Music

Late Jamaican reggae singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Robert Nesta Marley, well known as Bob Marley, born February 6,  1945  and died 11 May, 1981.

The renowned music icon has made a lot of impact in music globally, especially with the reggae genre which he is known to be one of the pioneers.

The music legend who is known for his distinctive vocal and songwriting style was born in a small rural Jamaican village called Nine Miles. His father was a white man, Capt. Norval Marley, a superintendent of lands for the British government, which had colonized Jamaica in the 1660s, while his mother, Cedella, was a young black woman, who emerged from the Cromantee tribe.

Marley whose music fused elements of reggae, ska, and rocksteady became a global figure in popular culture. No doubt, Marley’s contribution to music has increased the visibility of Jamaican music worldwide.

Another notable feat from Marley was his introduction of not only Jamaican music but also Rastafarianism, to the world. He was also rooted in ideas of personal and spiritual freedom, peace, love, and cultural unity.

Apart from his activism, ingenuity, originality, insightfulness, and creativity, Marley was also an unofficial ambassador for Jamaica, the island’s most famous and impactful export.

Showed all of these traits in abundance throughout his lifetime. He was extremely insightful when he shared his views on peace and countless other topics. Also, Marley required his use of creativity to make music that is still loved by many to this day.

Marley, a symbol for peace, as well as reggae music, became an international icon but lived a short life.

Marley’s history wouldn’t be complete without analysing his songs. ‘One Love’, ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘Get Up Stand Up’, as well as ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, are some few hit songs he will be remembered for

He was also known for philanthropy as he dedicated the majority of his time and money to giving back to the country that raised him.

Marley also invested in the schooling systems, and paying to support housing and food to over 6,000 people in his Jamaican community projects.

It has also been revealed that Marley’s lifetime of creativity originated in Jamaica and became the foundation of inspiration that spread messages of hope, justice, and understanding around the world.


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