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NAFDAC Uncovers Fake Drinks, Wine Factory In Abia

Factories where fake drinks (wines and fizzy drinks) are produced have been discovered by the the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NAFDAC in the popular Cemetery market in Abia state.

The the agency hit the market and discovered shops where adulterated products from other brands were being reproduced, Channels TV reports.

The video shared online showed wines and even fizzy drinks in cartons that have been produced by the criminals and awaiting distribution for unsuspecting members of the public to purchase. The products had fake NAFDAC numbers on them.

During the raid, NAFDAC Director, South East zone, Martins Iluyomade, said the market will remain shut for now.

‘’Every single shop you see here is a factory and everybody is manufacturing products. There are two sets of illegality going on here. Some set of people are manufacturing products of other people in large quantity so much so the other people might not know the difference between their products and the one manufactured here, manufactured under a very bad environment, using bad chemicals, colorings. All they do is just get a rubber, a mixer, a seive and put into bottles for people to drink. My fear is that this is yuletide period, a lot of people have bought drinks in the house, you don’t even know the source of the drinks you have bought. We have had a high level of increase in renal failure, Kidney failure and all of that.”




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