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Young Nigerian Scientist Discovers New Method Of Determining Boiling Point

A Nigerian scientist, Emmanuel Terhemen Atume has discovered new formular of determining boiling point.

His method, Boiling Point Determination Using Formular Method in 2013, was published in International Institute of Science Technology and Education (IISTE), a journal in the United States.

Atume, who graduated from the University of Jos, in 2012, studied Industrial Chemistry, and has since been a researcher for almost ten years and published several papers in some international journals.

Atume has been invited for some international conferences because of his geniuses. His love for research has made him delve into several researches, and has written many papers in which some have scientific discoveries.

Atume, who is also an Author has penned down some of his discoveries in book formats, ranging from the petroleum industry to other industries. One of his books titled: Energy Configuration of Liquefied Natural Gas/Molecular Quantization: Isothermal Gibbs Atume Equation was by a German  company, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Aug 2017 (2017).

Atume, has also published a paper in Advanced Journal of Chemistry titled: Absolute Prediction of the Melting and Freezing Points of Saturated Hydrocarbons Using Their Molar Masses and Atume’s Series.

Apart from research, Atume, also possess quality skills in teaching and has been teaching since he left secondary school, before erolling for a university education. He is a very good in almost all the science subjects, having Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Further Mathematics as his core area of specialisation.

As a result of Atume’s scientific researches which have been published in various journals across the world, and his invitation to conferences in Spain, USA, UK, Dubai, China, Singapore, etc, he has been recognised by scientific bodies.

Atume, belongs to some scientific associations like World Association For Scientific Research and Technical Innovation (WASRTI) , Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), and have received award from Students Polymer Institute of Nigeria (SPIN) Award certificate of Participation/stewardship in Nigerian Youth Scientific Workshop.

Atume, aims to continue doing research and impact knowledge through teaching, at the global level, if given the opportunity.


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