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Mathieu Flamini: Is Ex-Arsenal Star Ready To Buy The Gunners?

The Former Arsenal player, Mathieu Flamini may be on his way back to Arsenal – this time, not as a footballer, but the billionaire owner of the North London Premier League club.

His intention was made public after American business magazine, Forbes said the current CEO and co-founder of an Italy-based company, GF Biochemicals, has an edge, to make the deal a reality.

According to Forbes Flamini still holds a 60% share in the company has a venture gives him nearly a $14 billion net worth.

With such feat, this gives the 39-year-oldan opportunity to acquire any club, preferably the Gunners or Les Phocéens.

Flamini who shared his thoughts on his intentions in an interview for The Athletic said, “Football is the No.1 sport, it is driving so much attention, the hot issues of this world should also be on the agenda of the governing bodies,”

“It’s a world that I belong to. If there is the right opportunity at the right time and the right discussion, if I meet people who are the same vision and mindset and desire to use football for a purpose, I would love to,” the former AC Milan player also added.

“Obviously those clubs [Marseille, Arsenal and AC Milan] have a special place in my heart. I never forget where I come from. In life, you never know but it’s all about the right opportunity. I’m a real believer in the right time, right place, right people.

“If you want something very much, the universe usually brings it to you “Let’s see what the universe will bring.”

Going memory lane, the billionaire reportedly contacted the Invincibles trio of Henry, Bergkamp, and Vieira to offer his support for the purchase of Arsenal Football Club. Billionaire Daniel Ek also joined the bid, which would have replaced Arsenal’s contentious majority owner Stan Kroenke.

Based on current performance in the Premier League, the Gunners are still on top-of-the-table for the first time in two decades.


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