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Portable Explains The Reason He Assaulted Apprentice

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, well known as Portable, has cleared the air on the reason he beat up his apprentice, before the police stormed his lounge to arrest him at the Sanga Ota area of Ogun State.

Okikiola who has been in the news after he was captured in a viral video arguing with police officers who were at his lounge in to arrest him was said to have beaten the person who brought policemen to arrest him over an issue bordering internet fraud.

Portable emphasised that the alleged fraudster he beat was his apprentice and that it was a personal matter that should not have involved the police. He made this public, while narrating what transpired in a new video shared on his Tiktok page.

“That boy wey I beat, he’s my boy. I’m a boss to him. Oga go beat apprentice na? That one no mean say make police come say make dem come arrest you.

“This boy is my boy. He’s into Yahoo [Internet fraud]. I advised him to quit but he still dey do the scam dey go. Then I pursued him. I beat him. I flogged him. Now you want to arrest me because of I flogged him? He come to write a petition about me, about a celebrity superstar, the singer said in a mix of Pidgin English and Yoruba.

“He’s a Yahoo boy. Yahoo boy came to lay a complaint. He writes a petition about superstar celebrity. My work is legit. I do music for a living. I no fear anybody, na only God I fear,” he added.

On Wednesday, the Nigeria Police Force disclosed plans to investigate and prosecute the singer over unruly behaviour.


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