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Election: Biden Urges Nigerians To Be Peaceful

The United States President, Joe Biden, has released a statement on Thursday, telling Nigerians to support a peaceful transition of power.

In the statement, he stressed that Nigerians should be patient and peaceful while election officers finally count their votes on election day.

President Biden who encouraged voters to come out on election day to exercise their fundamental freedom made the statement as Nigerians go to the polls on Saturday.

Below is the statement from Biden:

”I commend yesterday’s peace accord in Nigeria, signed by the political parties and candidates running in Nigeria’s presidential election on February 25.  By signing this pledge, the parties and candidates have committed to accept the results of the election, as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, and to support a peaceful transition of power.

Elections are a fundamental part of a functioning democracy, and all Nigerians deserve this chance to choose their future — freely and fairly.  While the United States does not support any single candidate or party, we strongly support a peaceful and transparent process that reflects the will of the people of Nigeria.  On election day, I encourage all Nigerians — no matter their religion, region, or ethnicity —to exercise this fundamental freedom and make their voices heard — including young voters, many of whom may be heading to the ballot box for the first time.

The United States stands with the Nigerian people as they chart a path toward a more democratic, prosperous, and secure future.  I appreciate President Buhari’s firm commitment that the will of the people will be respected.  And in the coming days, I encourage voters to remain peaceful and patient as their ballots are tallied, and urge the political parties and candidates to live up to their pledge.’’



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