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Silverbird TV Collaborates With Wild Africa Fund For Pioneering Kids’ Wildlife Show

Silverbird TV and Wild Africa Fund have launched a unique wildlife-focused TV series titled “Dr. Mark’s Animal TV Show for Kids.” The show is slated to premiere on Silverbird TV, Nigeria’s premier 24-hour TV channel, this Saturday, 19th August 2023.

The series aims to enlighten children, primarily between the ages of 7 and 14, about Nigeria’s rich biodiversity and the crucial role they play in its preservation.

Nigeria has emerged as a significant transit point in the illicit wildlife trade in recent years, notably involving pangolin scales and ivory. The past 13 months alone have seen Nigeria Customs Services confiscate several critical shipments of pangolin scales, ivory, and other illegal wildlife commodities.

Furthermore, there’s an alarming surge in the demand for bushmeat, especially within urban communities in Nigeria.

Conservationists have expressed growing concerns over the massive decline in Nigeria’s wildlife and biodiversity, attributed mainly to illegal trafficking and bushmeat consumption.

Fewer than 50 Lions, 100 Gorillas, 500 Elephants, and 2,300 Chimpanzees remain in Nigeria’s wilderness.

This decline underscores the lack of widespread awareness and understanding of Nigeria’s ecological wealth and the pivotal role that its wildlife plays. It highlights the urgency to educate the populace, particularly the younger generation, who are poised to champion conservation in the coming years.

Dr. Mark’s Animal TV Show promises to be an educational journey, introducing children to the ecological significance of diverse species, from pangolins and lions to domesticated animals like dogs. The TV show will feature interactive quizzes designed to enhance knowledge retention and engagement.

Historically, Nigeria has been a hub for children’s content, with iconic shows like “Tales by Moonlight” captivating young audiences. However, the past decade has witnessed a decline in such localised, enriching content.

“Our vision is to invest in impactful wildlife-centric content that molds our children into wildlife ambassadors for the future,” said Festus Iyorah, Wild Africa Fund’s Nigeria Representative. “By imparting this knowledge, our hope is that these children can be catalysts of change within their circles.”

“Dr. Mark’s Animal TV Show for Kids” will air every Saturday at 8:45 AM (WAT) on Silverbird TV’s DSTV channel 252, StarTimes Channel 109, and GOTV channels 92/192. Dr. Mark Ofua, a respected veterinarian and conservation advocate, leads as the host of the series.

Dr. Ofua urges parents and guardians, “This show is a beacon for our youth, and I encourage parents to watch alongside their children. It’s an opportunity to immerse them in the wonders of our biodiversity and emphasise the importance of safeguarding our ecological heritage for a prosperous future.”

About Wild Africa Fund

Wild Africa Fund is a vibrant new African NGO in Cape Town, with offices in Lagos and Kigali. By offering high-quality free-to-air documentaries, short films, music videos, animations, and public service announcements for TV, radio, and social media channels, we aim to be Africa’s leading wildlife and environmental communicator. In addition to educating, informing, and driving awareness to support the protection of Africa’s natural heritage, we will continue to assist with on-the-ground conservation activities in Africa. Through our collaborative partnerships, we seek to have a transformational impact.

More information on Wild Aid Fund can be found at www.wildafricafund.org or follow us on social media @wildafricafund


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