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Controversial Kiss: Soccer Chief’s World Cup kiss Apology ‘Wasn’t Sufficient’- Pedro Sanchez

Acting Spain Prime Minister, has reacted after Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales kissed female Spanish footballer, Jennifer Hermoso on the lips during the recent 2023 World Cup final celebrations.

The drama started after a footage showed Rubiales embracing Hermoso as she went to collect her medal on the trophy podium after Sunday’s 1-0 win over England.

While commenting on the incident, Sanchez said, “Rubiales’ apologies are not enough” as the Spanish FA has call for a meeting on Friday to discuss incident.

Although, Rubiales initially claimed that those who criticised his kiss were “idiots and stupid people,” but he was forced to apologise on Monday after admitting that he was “completely wrong” – but Sanchez was not satisfied.

Speaking on Tuesday, Sanchez said: “What we saw was an unacceptable gesture,”

“Rubiales’ apologies are not enough, I even think they are not adequate. He has to continue taking steps to clarify what we all saw.

“The players did everything to win but Rubiales’ behaviour shows that there is still a long way to go for equality.”

The Spanish FA has confirmed that an Extraordinary General Assembly has been scheduled for Friday in Madrid to discuss the matter.

The kiss caused an immediate outcry both inside Spain and abroad. Deputy prime minister Yolanda Diaz said Rubiales “has harassed and assaulted” a woman and called for his resignation, while the country’s equality minister said it was an act of “sexual assault”.

Spain’s leading opposition party has also joined in denouncing Rubiales’ behaviour, leaving him without any support from major public or political figures.


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