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Davido Deletes Controversial Music Video, ‘Jaye Lo’

Criticisms from the Muslim faithful has made Nigerian Afrobeat star, David Adeleke, well known as Davido, delete a controversial music video on social media which caused a stir.

The PUNCH reports that the Davido Music Worldwide label boss and his signee, Olamilekan Taiwo, aka Logos Olori, caused a stir online, sparking mixed reactions from netizens following the release of the latter’s new record, ‘Jaye Lo’, The Punch reports.

A lot of people reacted, especially on social media after a 45-second clip of the new video was posted on Friday on Instagram by Davido.

In reaction to the video, many Muslim devotees have tagged the video offensive and are now calling for a retraction while also threatening the artistes with a lawsuit.

The controversial scene featured some men depicting praying mallams seen dancing in front of a mosque instead of praying. This dancing act has since been deemed offensive by some Muslim devotees.

In response to the situation, The Punch reported that Davido’s social media accounts showed that the video had been deleted from his handles.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide, Bashir Ahmad, who was against the idea hailed the singer for removing the video.

He wrote on Twitter, “It is good to discover that Davido deleted that offensive and hurtful video. Hopefully, the entire scene will also be deleted from the actual footage before releasing it to the market, and we humbly urge that the same grave mistake should never happen again from him or anyone else.
“Nigeria is a beautiful country. It is always amazing when we celebrate the beauty of living in unity and harmony while embracing our differences.”

Another Twitter user, with the username @PoojaMedia, also commended Davido and his team for handling the issue in a mature manner.

“You have to give it to Davido’s PR team & how they redirected energy to a positive one. Gifted the lady 10K, deleted the video & posted the video of the gift with the prayers down to Davido’s capture & build new energy. In 24hrs, so much to learn if you are in the PR hustle 🔥”

@lollypeezle wrote, “I understand why they were putting all the blames for Davido video on Peter Obi. It is justifiable. The father that born Davido ehn is the father of the mother that is the half brother to the son of the first father-in-law to the last daughter of the Obi family. Can you too see?”


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