The reports on banning women and girls from wearing miniskirts and trousers in public places has been denied by Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Africa National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF).

Affirming that the report is not true, Zanu-PF national spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo in a statement described it as fake news.

In the statement, it was explicitly stated that the reports that the party was planning to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for women aged 16 and above to wear trousers and miniskirts.

The statement read, “Zanu-PF distances itself from circulating fake news saying the party is lobbying for the disbandment of miniskirts and trousers.”

The denial of the rumour by the party also went as far as it accusing an NGO allied to opposition party MDC for spreading the rumours.

According to the party, “significant strides” have been made to advance women’s rights in a number of ways. This was the claim of Mr Moyo, who said Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle was fought by both men and women (through the Women’s League).

It said, “It is therefore ridiculous that a giant mass party formed and existing on the shoulders of an empowered Women’s League can be attributed such trivia on dressing.”