The war in Ukraine which began with Russia’s invasion of the country on 24 February, is now 100 days old.

Instead of expressing fear or giving up, President Volodymyr Zelensky has rather chosen to express so much confidence with the mindset of triumph, affirming that “Victory will be ours” as a way to acknowledge the resistance of his country.

Within a hundred days of war, a lot has happened: most cities in Ukraine were attacked, leaving many people dead, while fighting continues in the key eastern city of Severodonetsk.

Meanwhile, after this development, some of the cities are now largely under the control of Russian troops.

On the percentage, Russian forces are currently in control of 20% of Ukrainian territory.

However, within the three months, there were also calls for peace talks to be held, while Nato’s chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Western nations to prepare for the long haul.

There have been concerns about the war from international organisations, but UN crisis co-ordinator for Ukraine, Amin Awad, has taken the bold step to share his thoughts. He said, “this war has and will have no winner… we need peace.”

At the moment, Moscow has a bid to capture the wider Donbas. But capturing Severodonetsk would mean Russia controls almost all of Luhansk.