Protesters have moved into the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City on Tuesday over a painting showing revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata striking an unconventional pose.

They saw a painting of Zapata naked on an aroused horse in high heels and a pink offensive hat and shouted “burn it, burn it.”

Zapata’s grandson, Jorge Zapata González,  said, he wants it to be removed.

Speaking to associated press, he said, “We are not going to allow this”

“For us as relatives, this denigrates the figure of our general, depicting him as gay,”

Mr Zapata González also threatened that the family would sue if the painting was not removed.

Emiliano Zapata who is a hero in the eyes of many Mexicans, was a leader in the Mexican revolution before being assassinated in 1919 at the age of 39.

On the remarkable things Zapata has done is the stand he took against the appropriation of land by rich landowners.

Zapata was also one worthy of emulation, considering the protesters,who among them were many tenant farmers who admire Emiliano Zapata, himself a poor farmer,

To show their grief, the protesters demonstrated outside the museum in central Mexico City for hours with some shouting homophobic slurs, which prompted a counter-demonstration by people defending sexual diversity. There were scuffles between the two sides.

“Zapata” has also become a trend on Twitter with tens of thousands of people expressing both their support for diversity and their objection to the painting.

Source: BBC