It has been said that Nigerians are naturally happy people and as such they tend to make the best out any situation. 

According to many, the Easter break offers an opportunity to unwind, reflect and spend quality time with loved ones.

In a bid to engage with fun seekers, our correspondent interviewed youths at the gaming hub of the E-Centre Mall, Yaba.

Oyedepo Gboyega

Oyedepo Gboyega, a gamer at the mall went on to say that despite the fact that he is already enjoying the Easter break, he'd also like to say that "Those in power should fulfill the promises they made while campaigning. In his words, "They promised us jobs and so far so good we've not seen anything and life generally for youths is very hard and there's no infrastrucutre in place for you to survive when you graduate.

Ezea David, a student also called on the government to fulfil their objective, provide jobs as well as improve the agricutural sector.