The internet and social media space, went agog after someone said, singer Beyonce, is a better performer than music legend, Michael Jackson.

On this edition of Silverird’s Television trending stories show ’Extra sauce’, Bosun talked more about some trending stories in which the Micheal Jackson and Beyonce story had a lot of reaction from internet users.

The tweet came as a result of someone who watched Home Coming, comparing it to Beyonce’s performance; after the headlining Coachella, also comparing Beyonce to a local Nigerian delicacy called Puff- Puff.

Bosun’s take was that, during Michael Jackson’s time, the social media was not as proactive or rampant in usage, compared to Beyonce’s time, stressing that maybe that is the reason, people see Beyonce as a better performer.

Accorcing to Bosun, another person also compared Beyonce to Wizkid, as Bosun said Beyonce is awesome and cannot be compared to Wizkid

He said both of them are great performers as Beyonce is good in her own right as Michael Jackson is awesome in his own right.

Bosun went further to talk about internet fraudsters, well known in the Nigerian local parlance as Yahoo- Yahoo, stressing on the statement that Nigerian artist, Naira Marley said, ‘If you know about slavery, you go know say Yahoo-Yahoo no be crime’.

Bosun stated that if Naira Marley is saying that the white man cheated the blacks from slavery, that going to defraud people of their hard earned money is wrong, and it is not the right thing to do to fellow Nigerians.

Look below for the video