Before the final two squads in the World Cup face off on July 13 in Brazil, FIFA will get fans pumped up for the last winner-take-all match with the customary closing ceremony. Organizers unveiled the ceremony's entertainment on Thursday, tapping Shakira, Santana and Wyclef, and Brazilian stars Carlinhos Brown, Alexandre Pires and Ivete Sangaloto, to perform. Shakira, making her third consecutive appearance at the World Cup since 2006, will perform "La La La (Brazil 2014)" with Brown.

Meanwhile, Santana, Wyclef and Pires will take on "Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)," which is this year's World Cup anthem. Sangaloto and Pires will add homegrown zest with a medley of Brazilian songs.

There's no word on whether "Hips Don't Lie" sensation Shakira will recruit backups from the Colombian players, who last month used their hips to celebrate a goal and caused an announcer to blurt out, "Move over, Shakira, there's a new Colombian No. 1."