Renowned Nigerian singers, Ayo Balogun, well known as Wizkid, and David Adeleke, also known as Davido, have hugged each other passionately despite the rift reportedly between them.

This development which attracted the attention of fans and music enthusiast was not only recorded in video that went all around the social media space.

According to sources, both music stars were pictured and videoed sharing a warm hug in a Lagos nightclub on Friday night/Saturday morning.

The pleasantries which were exchanged by both singers triggered comments, since rumours went round the social media that Grammy-award winner, Wizkid had hitches with Davido.

So far, the conclusion by fans has been that they have reconciled, despite the gesture of Wizkid had joining Davido on stage during a show headlined by the latter in 2018.

Some concerned Nigerian artiste have made comments concerning the reconciliation. One of them is Rapper, Yusuf Sodiq, also known as CDQ, who wrote:

“I just woke up now to a video of Wizkid and David hugging each other. Finally, after I had suffered for years trying to balance the relationship between both (of them). Wizkid would say (to me), ‘Your brother is hosting a show, won’t you support him’? Meanwhile, Davido would also tell me, ‘Tell your brother to bring a jam; let us work’. That was when I knew that these two love each other and they have been inspiring each other to go harder. Today I am the happiest person on earth, and I feel like buying cows to throw a big party. Now, both of you should give us that collaboration that the world has been waiting for in 2022. The song arrangement should be four ‘bars’ each for Wizkid and Davido. Burna Boy would then sing the chorus. Let’s make Nigeria number one in the world.”

This act from both talented artistes have also prompted Grammy Award-winning artiste, Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy, to make comments on his Instagram story.

Ogulu affirmed that he had settled his rift with Davido. He wrote, “For your information, I have no issues with Davido. We are ‘good’ now. Davido was ‘trying’ me but we figured it out. In 2022, we all must love ourselves by force. If not, let’s just kill ourselves because there are no middle grounds anymore. Forward ever and backwards never.”