Nigerian Foremost Raggae Veteran Majek Fashek Says he will not die but disappear like Moses.

Speaking as a guest during an interview Majek Fashek he said he went to school in United States of America, and came out as an accomplished music producer, stressing that he plays the guiter, sax and other instruments.

The renowned Nigerian Raggae Musician said Bob Marley is the only raster man because he sang about Jesus Christ.

On his musical career, Majek revealed that he is always ahead of time because he does not play music for now, saying that the young boys of now are artists but he is a musician.

Concerning lifestyle Majek also said he does not take cocaine or drug, emphasizing that his music is spiritual and the only Nigerian artist he calls spiritual is TU-Face because he is humble and approached him for collaboration.

Majek revealed that he computer is the power of the mark of the beast and human race must pray very hard, saying the devil is the owner of computer.

Analyzing the song ‘’so long’’, he stated that, it is about African consciousness stating that, Africans are going through situations where they always respect the oppressor.

Speaking about Nigeria, he said every night, he prays for God to avert war from Nigeria.

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