Again the American Deontay Wilder and British Tyson Fury will go toe to toe on Saturday for the coveted WBC heavy weight boxing belt in MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas. It is the second time the American Bronze Bomber will be fighting the British Gypsy King.

Their last fight ended in a draw, a decision that did not go down well with Fury who actually controlled 10 of the 12 rounds bouts. Of course the Briton survived two knockdowns from Wilder but rose to dominate the battle that many boxing fans thought should go the way of Fury.

Believed to be the most dangerous in this division, Wilder will always rely on his powerful right to bring down any of his opponents. He is the fittest heavy weight for now. Wilder is athletic and confident of his punching power unlike Fury who relies more on his tactics to outwit his opponents.

Saturday’s fight may not be too different from the last one, except that Fury had added some weight perhaps to withstand the sledge hammer from Wilder.

The legendary Mike Tyson is one of the fans of Fury not because the Briton is named after him but because of his mystical ways of doing things inside the ring. Tyson expressed his surprise that Fury could wake up after he was downed by Wilder in their first match.

For the unified heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, his compatriot, Fury has the better chance to defeat Wilder judging by his style. Having survived the hard punch in the first match, Joshua is of the views that Fury will go all the way to take the WBC from Wilder.

The last press conference of Fury and Wilder provoked some animosities with pushing and use of gutter languages from both boxers as the fight draws nearer.