Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District on Thursday itemized why he is so much proud of being a Nigerian as he called Nigerians youths to believe in themselves.

Via his social media platform, the eloquent lawmaker stated that Nigerians are the most educated among immigrant community in the United States and had contributed immensely to the development of many industrialised countries.

He said, “I want Nigerian youths to believe in themselves. I want them to believe in Nigeria. You have a good heritage. Nigerians are the most educated of any immigrant community in the US. That is enough reason for you to believe in yourself.

He reminded the youths how the country was able to contain the dreaded Ebola Virus, saying with a collective effort, the country could do excellently well. “Nigerians collectively tackled, contained and defeated the Ebola Virus, showing the way for other nations. Nigeria single handedly restored a democratically elected President back to power in São Tomé after a coup. Nigeria almost singlehandedly restored peace to Liberia amidst one of the most brutal civil wars ever.”

To him, Nigeria is a land of opportunity, adding, “The richest Black man & woman are both Nigerians and neither of them is a politician. Young Nigerians created Nollywood from scratch and its now the world's second largest movie industry.”

He noted that Nigeria was key to the liberation of several African countries including South Africa and Zimbabwe while the country could boast of world literary giants as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Ben Okri and Chimamanda Adichie. “Nigeria gave the world musical icons like Fela Kuti and Dame Shirley Bassey. Nigeria gave the world movie stars like Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Oyelowo, John Boyega and Sophie Okonedo Our women are lovely. I should know. I discovered many including Agbani Darego, 1st Black African Miss World. Even the world loves the way you and I speak. The Nigerian accent was voted the world's 6th sexiest by CNN. So hold your head up high. You've nothing to be ashamed of in being a Nigeria. It is a God given privilege,” he said.