Written By Edesiri Vuevu

An expert has identified misunderstanding among the three arms of government in Nigeria as the impediment to the fight against corruption.

The Deputy Convener, Joint Action Front, Achike Chude observed this while speaking on the popular programme “Today On STV” on today’s episode. 

According to him, attempts are been made to kill corruption but it finds a way of fighting back and the fighting back is what we see with some of the contradictions too that surrounds the fight against corruption.

And what is needed more than the anti-corruption agency itself as a body is the political will and that can only stand from the president of the country, and it’s in his place to give direction on war against corruption. 

He stated that there is no coherent strategy on how to kill corruption in Nigeria, adding that it is very clear that if the three principal of governments are not collaborating and working seriously then the fight against corruption will be a big challenge.

“Then again you cannot have that unity on purpose because when you talk about corruption, we all have agreed that is endemic so you cannot wish it away from the presidency and the judiciary and of course it is very inherent in the national assembly which have been seen from 1999 till date when cases made in the national assembly, overnight such cases disappear and people who were involved in the corrupt act are still in the national assembly playing key roles to make our country better,” he said.

As he put it, “It becomes exceedingly difficult to master that unity of purpose that is needed against corruption. So what is needed is some level of coherence but you cannot be talking about fighting corruption when the senate president is still facing issues of corruption.”

 “Yes, we have some certain agencies in the country that were just given names which when “independent” is included in it, it gives the impression that the institution itself is now devoid of the politics that surrounds the country.

To Chude, there will always be controversy fighting corruption because the principal officers that are supposed to fight the menace are involved in one form of corruption or another.

“This makes it more problematic. The best effort of the presidency are sometimes undermined by the activities of people who should know better and who should perform differently,” he said.

He explained that a situation where corruption cases are been thrown out in court, many Nigerians lose hope in the battle from being won.

“Every Nigerian knows that it is an endemic fame and it has cut across every sector of the political economy of Nigeria, every institution both private and public and that’s why a lot of people have a mixed reaction to the results of the anti-corruption battle,” he said.

He posited that to have corruption brought to the minima, all major government institutions must be on the same page especially the three arms of government; the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.

“In this manner, they will come up with the same idea of what it means and what should be done to fight corruption in the country,” he said.