Silverbird’s initiative to ensure that Nigerians take part choosing who becomes the Next CEO in 2023 is gathering momentum.

Silverbird’s Editorial board shortlisted over 50 names of probable contenders for the position of Nigeria’s Chief Executive. And Nigerians have shown very great interest through their regular NODS and clicking of a YES for their preferred probable contender.

And it’s been phenomenal. Three probable contenders and great Nigerians in their own rights were eliminated last week Friday from the list for having the lowest NODS. The three are Ken Nnamani former president of the Nigerian Senate, Amina Mohammed, a former Minister and currently the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and Ibukun Awosika, a Board Room Guru, former Chairman of First Bank and a Motivational Speaker.

So Who will be eliminated today?
Who will it be? It’s really catching on. Just visit, click Yes for your preferred contender.

Today at exactly 9.45am the Organisers will announce the name of the contender or contenders with the lowest NODS. And who will that be? Are you ready?
Note that; the Silverbird Group is giving you a chance to be part of who will be Nigeria’s Next CEO. What kind of leader do you want from May 29, 2023? But having said that, are you registered to vote in that Election?

Remember that while you choose your preferred contender here at…do not forget to work towards arming yourself with a valid voter card to elect your preferred candidate then.

Waoh…so who will go today, Friday by 9.45am. Who will be dropped? Just wait for it on this show, NewsHub on STVNEWS24 and Silverbird Television.