Ordinarily, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a season of love sharing and reminiscence of the past mostly among adults.

No doubt many adults had made the marriage proposal of the life of love they are presently enjoying on a February 14. When it is this day, adults come around to rekindle the romance that made them strong. They go beyond renewing their intimacy to presenting new gifts to refresh the love as exemplify by St. Valentine.

It has always been a nice occasion not only for lovers but also for the downtrodden who will love to be loved with gifts and natural affection.

But today the picture of Valentine has changed, it depicts illicit sex among young people, leading to unwanted pregnancy, abortion and consequently untimely death.

Most youths are not well informed about what Valentine’s Day entails. To some, it is a license to eat the forbidden fruit.

On Tuesday, as usual red roses fly around but not without some depravities among the youths who lurk around to have a taste of the pudding.

Asked what she actually understand by Valentine’s Day, Tessy had innocently said, “Lovers Day”. To her, it is a day to stay with one’s lover and make him happy.

Making a lover’s happy connotes different things to different people. To an adult, it may mean to buy new gifts to a spouse while to some it defines sexual activities.

To Tessy, Valentine outlines romance and keeping a date with a lucky man who will be ready to stay around and share his love.

But what if Valentine goes sour, Bukky was asked, “It can’t go sour if observed according to the rule,” she said.

She explained that Valentine’s Day must radiate love by helping those who need assistance either financially or morally. “It can only go sour for those who lack the understanding of the day,” she said.