Former Super Eagles Defender, Isa Sofoluwe has given hints on why Lionel Messi will remain the world best footballer for a long time.

Sofoluwe, whom himself was an attacker before he later became one of the country’s most reliable defenders said that it would be difficult for any footballer who cannot dribble to beat Messi in the contest for Ballon d’Or.

Speaking on a national radio station, Sofoluwe said, “What makes Messi better than Ronaldo and other players is his ability to do magic. Messi is short and can dribble any quality defender.”

According to him, the Argentine is very fast with the ball and nobody can predict what he will do with the ball. “Ronaldo on the other hands is predictable and cannot dribble like Messi,” Sofoluwe said.

Lionel Messi won Ballon d’Or for the fifth time on Monday in Zurich, creating a record that will take a long time for any footballer to equal.

Though, there were divergence opinions from football followers via social media that the award should have gone to Cristiano Ronaldo considering his number of goals in La Liga last season, his contribution to Real Madrid could not help the club win the league.

The fact that Ronaldo has shown his class in various clubs unlike Messi who has only played for Barcelona throughout his career is another factor most football fanatics have raised to rate him as a better player.

Nevertheless, FIFA sees Messi as the best. And this did not just come through appointment, it came through election. Messi polled 41.33 per cent of the votes, with Ronaldo (27.76%) in second place and Neymar (7.86%) third.