Mr. Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity has reiterated the commitment of the Federal Government to improve the dwindling economy of the country, adding that the change promised by his boss will definitely come.

He said this in an interview he had with a national television, adding that president Buhari never promised magic but change to grow the economy.
He said, “The promised change would come. Don't forget that our President said it would take a minimum of 18 months to revive the economy. Some Nigerians don’t listen to something like that, they want magic immediately. It doesn’t happen that way. This change will come, but it would follow a process, and it would be enduring.”

He charged Nigerian to be believe more in the present government, adding, “If you have elected a government because you believe it can bring change and you have not allowed them to isolate what the problems are, and articulate what the solutions would be, and you begin to have all these complaints, I think it is not natural. What government needs at a time like this, is cooperation and support.”

As Adesina put it, “The President said this at an interview last week. He said things deteriorated over 16 years that PDP was in power, this is the ninth month of this government, and you want everything to have changed. It is not real.”

He explained that there must be realistic expectation, and that the realistic expectation would demand that people are patient, supportive, and encourage the government. “

“This is a government that is working for the people. Let us cooperate, support and encourage the government,” he said.