Let's begin this; You will die one day.
Change the world for good; don’t leave it the way you meet it.

2. If you are from a very poor background, don’t see college as the only way to success.

See it as a safety net instead.

Try and make sure you become an entrepreneur either by joining an early start up, building your own business, or by building an online business.

You may also choose to become a musician or an athlete.

Liberate your family from poverty; it’s a disease. #winks

3. Never hope on anyone.

My dad gave up going to school to fund my uncle’s education. It proved to be a wise move at first, because my uncle was way more brilliant than he was, but death came at the moment he started to work as a bank manager.

And both my dad and my uncle’s family lost everything.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Even if nothing goes wrong, death may knock on that person’s door.

Find a way to put yourself first. (I do not mean you should not care for other people.)

Like an african adage would say: “Remove the dirt in your eyes first before that of another person.”

4. You will always face difficulties.

Difficulties will always come everyday; no matter how small it might be or how large it might seem, never let it get the best of you.

It might be a financial problem (e.g poverty, college fees/loans), a psychological problem (e.g depression), a health problem, and even death. (Death may take away your loved ones and it’s very sad and difficult to cope, especially when that person is the breadwinner of your family.)

There will be a problem somewhere in our lives; even if you have all the money in the world, there will be a something bothering you.

Try to learn to be optimistic.

See every mistake, failure, or difficulty as part of life and never allow these problems get the best of you.

They can even make you a billionaire (#winks) if you find a solution to them and create a product out of it, because it’s certain that someone somewhere is experiencing the same problem.

5. People will always talk bad things about you no matter how good/generous/kind you are.

Even Jesus had haters; everyone has them.

No matter how good you are to people they will still complain; human beings cannot and will not ever be satisfied.

Don’t try to listen too much to your critics—they will always find something bad about you.

Don’t give a f**k about them; keep pursuing your dreams.

In Nigeria here, we have two major weather conditions: the rainy season and the dry season. Whenever it’s sunny we complain, “haa this sun is too much omg why are we not in the rainy season?”

And during the rainy season they will be like, “I don’t like rainy season everywhere is always flooded God please bring back the sun!”

Can you see now that people can’t be fully satisfied with a given condition or product?

Just keep on doing the right thing and don’t listen to everybody, because some people will just hate you for no reason, especially when you have a large following.

6. Hug your mum and dad everyday, for you will one day see them no more.

This one needs no explanation, it’s self-explanatory.
As you get older, so do your parents, but as they’re always older than you, they’ll most likely die before you, so celebrate them while they are alive.

7. Youth is not permanent.

Don’t let your physical beauty get into your head try and focus on your life goal and desires.
Youthfulness doesn’t last forever so don’t let your youthful beauty get to you, don’t let it be a distraction.


Source: Quora