The legal officer, Silverbird Group, Omotayo Inakoju says individuals should learn to treat each other with equal respect.

Inakoju who spoke on ‘”Silverbird Today” during the International Women’s Day celebration stated that she choose to challenge equality.

In her words, “I think equality is something we should inculcate into our daily activities.We should put it in our mind that what ever we do we shouldn’t segregate or discriminate against anybody. Be it a woman or a man. As an individual, we should learn to treat each order with equal respect,’

‘’Particularly, I choose to challenge equal opportunity. Women and men should be given the same opportunity to aspire for a role or go for a political post. If you look at the National Assembly, you will discover that the percentage of women is very low. We should always remember that what ever position is open, we should make it open for both men and women not considering their gender.”

Another guest, Payroll Oficer Silerverbird Group, Abibat Thompson also shared her view about what she chose to challenge.  Thompson said women should be respected.

Speaking further about the respect for women, she said, “As a woman and a mum, a woman should be respected. For instance, a woman who is a career person and a mum, they are two different things. Women are very strong in the society. Without a woman a lot of things will not be done well. We should at least give them a chance and respect them for who they are.”