ABC's Black-ish writer, Damilare Sonoiki teased us with a trailer for "African Booty Scratcher", a comedy series on the relatable experiences of a Nigerian immigrant family in today's America, and we couldn't be more excited. Finally, someone was telling the often hilarious and equally difficult plight of Nigerian immigrant parents and their first-generation kids.
Clearly every other Nigerian (and Africans), at home and abroad, were excited too, as the trailer has over six million views on Facebook and over 300,000 on Youtube.
The show has been renamed "African Time", and a pilot starring Dulo Harris, Niki Guluchi and her son Dani Dare, has been released.

Created, written and produced by Sonoiki, African Time tells the story of a " family of Nigerian immigrants and their struggle to balance wanting a better life for their son, Ayodeji, with wanting him to maintain their traditional values and cultural identity ".