To tease the arrival of Orange Is the New Black's fifth season, Netflix has outdone itself this time with an unlikely series crossover bringing together two of its biggest shows.
Inspired by season three of Black Mirror, the mashup sees Litchfield residents Taystee and Poussey reunite in the 80s dream world of "San Junipero," and it's pretty damn emotional, to say the least.
In the crossover, we see the friends catch up over a drink before Taystee wakes up back at the prison with a punchline only she could come out with.

As a reminder, season four of Orange Is the New Black ended with the shocking Black Lives Matter-inspired death of Poussey. Netflix went on to pay homage to the character with a series of murals around the US.
Unveiling an official trailer not long ago, it looks like this season will be as tense as ever. In the meantime, you can check out the excellent mashup – accompanied by Belinda Carlisle's 80s hit "Heaven is a Place on Earth."
Orange Is the New Black season five will hit Netflix on June 9.