The senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Rev. Raphael Warnock, was elected on Tuesday to be the first Black senator from Georgia.

This development was disclosed by CNN that projected early Wednesday morning, a repudiation of Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and her adherence to President Donald Trump

At the moment, the control of the US Senate now comes down to Republican David Perdue, who is running to keep his seat against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Interestingly, Warnock is the first Georgia Democrat elected to the Senate in 20 years, and his election is the culmination of years of voter registration drives conducted by former state House Democratic leader Stacey Abrams and other activists.

President-elect Joe Biden also won Georgia, the first time for a Democratic presidential candidate since the 1990s.

After no Georgia Senate candidate received 50% of the vote in November, the races turned to two runoffs. While Ossoff and Warnock ran on a unity ticket, Trump refused to concede his own loss, sparking a fight within the Republican Party and disenchanting some of his supporters, who believed his false claims that the vote was rigged.