Renowned Nigerian Female Music star, Aituaje Iruobe well known as Waje has reportedly said, she is going into media business, after considering quitting music due to the cost involved in music business.

The Edo State born Afro-soul singer unveiled this information about her quitting music in a now-viral video, citing the high cost of publicity and low album sales as reasons, stressing that she is not prepared to invest in her musical career any longer.

But the question is what makes a great singer, money or talent? Most musicians rose from grass to grace.

The exhibition of their talents give out good music that will eventually turn them to millionaires. Examples are numerous within and outside the country.

Music legends like Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, 2 Baba had all risen from the miry clay to the mountain top, investing talents to make money from music.

So, it sounds untenable that Waje would be quitting music because of lack of funds despite the talent. Or does it mean she has lost the stamina to compete with the upcoming artists?

The exit of Waje from music industry, no doubt will discourage many talented young female artists who adore her. She has been an inspiration to many of them.

In the viral video, on social media. Waje said, “After everybody shouted ‘Waje, your last album was how many years ago, please we need an album’. Where are all the people that were shouting?

On the way forward, the talented singer says she is teaming up with a fellow Nigerian singer and songwriter Omawumi as they have combined their talent, industry know-how and business sense to create ”Hernanes Media”.