Day is a unit of time but every February 14 signals an eternity for love birds. It is more than just a day but a season of love and giving; a season of caring and sharing.

And for couples who see Valentine Day as one of those days, there is need to peep outward and see the striking glamour it brings this season.

Rhythm FM, supported by Swatch will be making this valentine season special. One lucky couple will get to live their valentine fantasies – an all-expense paid trip to the beautiful, exotic and romantic Islands of the Seychelles. 

Tagged, “Always More” Experience, there will also be gifts to be won by other couples. How does a couple get lucky? It is not only defined by how romantic they can be but how couplet they can join the words of love to form a dazzling poem. And here it goes;


1. Write a 4-line poem to your crush/ bae professing your love and post
on Twitter; you can also send in a short clip to Instagram. Use the
hashtag, #AlwaysMoreLove, tag @937RhythmFM

2. For a better chance of being shortlisted, you can also visit the
closest Swatch store to put in your entry.


We will shortlist the most creative and heartwarming entries. Meanwhile,
some of the "love tidings" will be specially delivered by our television
crew to the recipients of the love message. In the event that the
message is positively received, we will invite both the entrant and
their crush to the studio for a live "lovers dip" (raffle draw).


Live in the studio of Silverbird Rhythm on the 14th of February, 2016,
shortlisted entrants are made to recite their eulogy. This will
consequently be followed by the "lovers dip" to select the winning