Students and families numbering 20 from San Diego US, who traveled to Afghanistan are stranded in the country and unable to get to Kabul’s airport.

According to CNN, his development was disclosed on Wednesday by school and congressional spokespeople.

Howard Shen, spokesperson for the Cajon Valley Union School District who reacted to the situation said Six families, including about 24 children, became stuck in Afghanistan after traveling there to visit relatives.

The situation changed a little as Shen stated on Wednesday evening that at least one of the stranded families, with five children, four of whom are students in the district was able to make it safely back to the US.

In the words of Shen, “They are stateside, and they are safe,”

“The hope is that all 24 students will be in school sooner rather than later,”

Shen also emphasised that it is unclear if they are currently in California or elsewhere.