Prayers were held on Monday for President Muhammadu Buhari by some Nigerians at the Nigeria House in London.

The gesture was displayed by the Nigerians to show that they are in support Buhari and Nigeria at large.

Recently, Buhari embarked on a trip to London where he’s scheduled to spend two weeks to enable him to undergo a medical checkup.

Regardless of economic and security crises in Nigeria currently, Buhari’s supporters took to the gate of the Nigeria House where he’s staying with placards bearing various inscriptions to show that they believe in Nigeria’s unity.

The supporters came out with placards which had inscriptions on them like, “We are stronger together,” and “We pray for President Buhari and our armed forces.”

Meanwhile, there have been controversies around Buhari’s trip to London in the past, but this time, his trip has triggered a protest which was staged at the Nigeria House against his decision to have his medical checkup in London.

Interestingly, Buhai’s supporters came and did otherwise, few days after he arrived in London.

Former presidential aide, who is also the leader of the protest, Reno Omokri, has shared his views concerning the development. While making comments on Buhari;s trip, he spoke about the state of the nation and Nigerian economy.

In his words, “He (Buhari) left Nigeria on the day that doctors began their strike.

“He’s not building hospitals for people, yet he comes here to enjoy the best in a country that has law and order. Why can’t he do that in his country?” Omokri asked.

He continued, “His children all schooled here in England. He has not built a single school for Nigerians. If they are sick, they all come here.”

Omokri also lamented the insecurity in the country and the hardship Nigerians are going through due to the economy under the Buhari-regime.