Conflict has ensued on Friday, amongst some traders at the Shasha area of Ibadan.

According to The PUNCH it has been confirmed that there are police patrol vans and Operation Burst’s going inside the market where the fight was said to have taken place.

The accident has attracted Residents and handful security agents to the epicentre of the violence to douse it.

The claims on the cause of the fight could not be immediately verified even though some of them claimed that some kiosks and a house were razed.

Meanwhile, some traders, women especially, have shared their experiences concerning the incident. Part of their experiences was that they could not take away the goods (tomatoes and pepper) that they bought on Friday morning shortly before the fight started.

Another resident also disclosed that the fight started on Wednesday night but it became fierce on Friday morning when a man was reportedly beaten with a charm by a Hausa man during the fight died.

On the actual cause of the misunderstanding, one of them said the woman mistakenly splashed water on the Hausa trader who beat her and this resulted in a fight that led to the death of the Yoruba man this morning.

The traders had no choices than to shut their shops swiftly. Traders who had come to patronise the traders fled the area,

Security agents later stormed the scene of the accident to bring some level of sanity to the area.