Thousands of  US-bound Central American migrants have made attempts on Sunday, to travel to Mexico, and then the US border.

While on their journey, on a road near the border with Honduras, security forces blocked their path and intercepted them  with truncheons and tear gas in Guatemala.

According to sources, they are running away from poverty and violence as an estimated 7,000 migrants, mostly from Honduras, have entered in recent days.

This development occurs almost every year as Tens of thousands of Central American migrants attempt this perilous journey to try and reach the US, often on foot, in groups known as “caravans”.

The American government has reacted to the move by the migrants. President-elect Joe Biden, a Democrat, has vowed to end the strict immigration policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, a Republican.

Meanwhile, the government said it would not accept “illegal mass movements” especially,  Biden administration, which will take office on Wednesday, has warned migrants not to make the journey, as immigration policies will not change overnight.