Hundreds of thousands of used condoms that had been cleaned, repackaged and ready to be sold were seized by Vietnam Police.

According to Fox News, nearly 800 pounds of contraceptives – which investigators estimated to be equivalent to 345,000 condoms – were found in bags inside a warehouse in the province of Binh Duong, Reuters reported, citing a broadcast from the state-owned Vietnam Television.

Condoms were boiled in water before being reshaped on a wooden phallus and repackaged, a woman detained during a raid of the facility reportedly told police.

Reuters also reported that, it’s not clear how many of the used condoms were resold, but the state broadcast quoted the woman as saying she received 17 cents for around every two pounds she recycled.

Reuters disclosed that the person who owned the warehouse also told a state newspaper that they had received the condoms monthly from an unknown individual.