It is no longer news that the relevance of any country can be seen in the viability of the economy of such country.

Advanced nations like China have played a prominent role in world economy by creating economic value in different sectors and industries.

Currently, China is recognised as a hub for business all over the world because, all the resources they possess (human, technical etc), have been harnessed maximally, and the result is what most nations are yearning for.

When the topic of a viable nation comes to the fore, some vital factors like Creativity, Art, and Skill cannot be neglected all over the world, especially in the Leather industry.

The Creative Director and C.E.O of a company that transforms raw leather to finished products and accessories, Mr. Temilade Tolulope said, to grow the leather industry, the right investors are needed.

He made the statement while speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, stressing that Passion is good, but it is important to have knowledge about the business.

Speaking from the angle of creativity, he revealed that, he grew up in a family of art, even though he loves doing business; starting with something that is not the norm by introducing TT Dalk in 2008.

He also said, he learnt how to make shoes from university where he studied Public Health; but acquired skills, line training,  looked up to various brands, did profiling, and bought a lot of books.

Laying emphasis on education, he said it very important because, it will make investors realise that they need to have a business plan, understand the art of business, how to design and how to sell the design.

Making reference to China as a nation with the right investors, he revealed that, at least 60 percent of artisans in china are educated.

Concerning retail and manufacturing, he said he has passion for both and has a factory is in Abeokuta with close to 25 people as a prove for the former.

Dishing out advice to people who have interest and passion for the business, he admonished them to have focus and understand the angle they have interest in: manufacturing, retail and marketing; to avoid distraction.