Whenever an issue of rape or sexual abuse comes up, the first thought that comes to the mind of so many people is, “a small girl or lady is the victim”.

Even though Child Sexual Abuse in Nigeria is an offence under several sections of chapter 21 of Nigeria’s criminal code, a lot of People find it hard to believe that small boys or under aged male children can be victims of rape or sexual abuse.

As a result of this notion, the founder of Boys Quarters Africa, Ayodele Solomon has emerged with a massive movement that focuses on sexual abuse on the boy child.

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV” the Male Child Sexual Abuse Emancipator said, the main cause of male sexual abuse is societal negligence.

Ayodele said, the issue of sexual abuse on the boy child is a subtle conversation, but it is eating deep into the Nigerian system; emphasising that he is not an antifeminist or trying to fight against the girl child.

He stated further that, the boy child conversation should be taken as serious as the girl child conversation, because boys are not men and should not be in the equality duel as men, instead should be taken out of the picture.

Considering the aspect or area of decision making while the boy child is growing up, he said, “A lot of people think boys will always be boys and will find their way and are left to assumption. It is something i feel the entire world should take cognisance of.”

Giving an example of a young boy who was a victim of sexual abuse on the boy child; he said,

“I had a conversation with a friend and discovered that a certain boy had been raped by his elder sister at the age of twelve. He said, at night, his elder sister will wake him up to sexually arouse him and  from the age of seven he got used to older ladies, does not want to go to school and all he wanted to do is to get married.”

Talking about solution, Mr. Ayodele said, he did not realise this is how the situation looked until he got to the age in is life where he took responsibility; came back from service and started writing about men and boys; because it is a movement that covers the entire spectrum about the boy child.

He revealed that, since Sexual abuse on the boys is not enjoyment but an abuse, he did a campaign in Akure and the aim was to meet over three thousand boys in the next three years over Africa.

He said, he has built a cluster team in Jos, Kanu, Abuja, Akure and he has done three outreaches which he calls crusades, with the aim to bring young boys together, engage them in a conversation and make them understand that society must not force anything on them; instead, they should take responsibility for their lives.

In his final words he revealed that he wants to groom boys who are able to stand for themselves, to build the life that is founded on some basic core values like integrity, character.