Philip Atume

The Governor of Abia state, Ikpeazu Ukezie said he wants Federal Government to take ownership of the “Made in Nigeria” Initiative.

 While speaking recently on a business forum in Lagos, he said it is a way of diversifying the economy and widening the sources of forex inflow.

He revealed that he wants Federal Government to provide adequate funding for the informal sector.

He stated that the government should draw from the experience of the “Made in Aba Expo” which drew attention from far and near.

He said further that the government needs to do a little more to own the Nigerian brand, which in actual sense means “Work the Talk”

He also said If Government wants to fund the process and mechanization of production for the average Nigerian youth, shoemaker, and dress maker; they should say how many they will be able to.

He said if the government sets up parameters that will be difficult for them to access the loans, no matter how they talk about it, they don’t feel that the government really care.

He revealed that the government should think about more novel and innovative ways of funding businesses in Nigeria, especially “Thinking out of the Box” like Adam Smith said.

He urged government to procure equipment and reduce the percentage of fund that comes to them as cash, support them to procure the basic equipment to mechanize the process of shoe making and dress making.

 He said in doing this they can have a way to recover the money through direct sales or other means.

He concluded that if they give them 250million or 100million with collateral and counterpart funding, all the bottle necks of this nature will never allow the average entrepreneur to succeed.