Philip Atume

A Procurement Consultant, Mr. Biobele Arimie said Nigeria is pregnant of unanswered critical questions as regards the violation of procedural law in the procurement system.

Speaking as a guest on the programme Today on STV, Arimie said the procedural law of the procurement system demands compliance to be carried out on the procedure.

He said NNPC has a threshold approved by the Bureau for Public Procurement in compliance with the public procurement act of 2007.

He stated that it is the responsibility of the public procurement to approve a threshold which is to be taken to the National Council of Public Procurement which is still lacking in Nigeria.

He said the budget of Nigeria goes into the procurement system till date and no government has had the political will to constitute the procurement council which is the requirement of law.

He stated further that the council supposed to create the bureau and employ people into the bureau, but the situation is that a bureau had been created without a parent.

He said talking about the threshold, there is Group headquarters tenders board, in which the tenders’ board is an approving authority based on the public procurement act to award contracts.

He revealed that based on the tenders board, there are limits that one cannot go beyond and there two primary tenders board under the public procurement act

He said in the NNPC act in section (1) or (2) it is confirmed that the board of the NNPC is a part of the group NNPC Corporation.

He also said they have a role to play in the procurement process and they cannot approve because the public procurement law does not recognize them as an approving authority but can review and advise

He said after the Headquarters Tenders Board which is to be headed by the Group Managing Director, Dr. Baru, there is another tenders’ board called the Ministerial Tenders Board.

He stated that the Public Procurement Act also provides for a Ministerial Tenders Board in which if the amount goes beyond 10 million, the Headquarters Tenders Board cannot approve.

He said everything Kachukwu had raised is above on 1billion; 980 million US Dollars difference.

He revealed that everything above 20 million US Dollars must get a certificate of no objection form the bureau and must be cleared by FEC which is headed by Mr. President.

He said further that Mr. President cannot appropriate and reprobate, setting up Federal Executive Council and still unilaterally sit down to do what FEC is expected to do by law alone, without the public knowledge.

In conclusion, he said the way out is to ensure that the law is being complied with and ensure that due process is carried out to unravel who is behind what.