Philip Atume

Mr. Chika Onuegbu said quality Education is not cheap anywhere in the world and there are no alternatives to the kind of education we have here in Nigeria.

Speaking as a guest on the programme, “Today on STV”, former chairman TUC, Rivers state, said the problem is that, not everyone is cut out for university education.

He said if we want to do education the way it ought to be fashioned we should review the curriculum and ask ourselves   how we can ensure that people go the areas where they can perform best.

He also said, “Some people are supposed to go to technical college, some wish to do entrepreneurship study; others wish to learn carpentry, welding and so on. So all they need to do is write city and guild, pass and move their area and prosper. Unfortunately, all that has collapsed”

He stated further that, another problem we are facing is people think for them to educated, they must have a university education. An example is; if somebody wants to be a carpenter, the person does not really need to go to the university.

He stressed that, the technical schools should be functional so that anyone who wants to go to the technical school will go and those who want to go to the university will go, in order for them to have direction.

He also beckoned on government to create workable, functional and fully efficient technical colleges whereby people can go and learn some skills and make a living from it, and not necessarily going to the university.

He said generating funds for the university system should be through increment of education tax, levies, and school fees.

 Concerning commitment, he urged lecturers/ASSU members to be committed to their duty because the end result which is quality education, which will also lead to quality governance and better citizens’ participation, will be achieved.

He said all the several strike by ASSU will not yield to any result and the political class in Nigeria will not listen to them because their children don’t attend the schools that ASSU members teach, so it doesn’t affect them.

 Speaking further, he said the strike issue is not about apportioning blame but something we need to be passionate about to ask ourselves the question “how do we get this matter solved once and for all?”

He said they should engage the leadership of Nigerian Labor Congress, Trade union congress, the civil society allied, and the Nigerian people, getting them to tell the reasons why they have embarked on this strike 

In his closing words he said this ASSU strike calls for sober reflection on the part the federal, state and national assembly and all the strong union saying, “They should be involved in a dialogue or else the situation will be motion without movement.”