Philip Atume

Mr Alesta Wilclox, a guest on Today on STV, has reacted to the protest that took place in Abuja on Tuesday; saying that protest is legal, a fundamental human right of Nigerians, and the protesters do not need any form of authorization to protest.

The public affairs analyst said this in response to the protesters’ claim of brutality by the police, and the police claim of invasion by the protesters; which took place as a result of the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari for over 90 days.

He said it is unfortunate that the police have always been a black foot in our democratic march and the police are always using the issue of miscreants invading rallies as excuse for most protest; affirming that every organizer is also a protester. 

He also said, “As for the organisers of the protest, if they have informed the police about the protest, to provide cover, and there is a breakdown of law and order by the protesters, the organizers would be held responsible and accountable. And the police should not have an excuse of the protesters being “miscreants and invaders”, if the protest has not gone violent; So far they are within the confines of the law and there is no breakdown of law, saying, it is condemnable if they do so”.

Explaining the true meaning of “miscreants hijacking a protest” in this context, he said, “the police need to know what miscreants means and it is “lame talk” argument and insulting to the sensibility of the public to use such phrase in this situation whereby, the venue was not jam-packed with people”.

Hearing from Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charlie boy, from the Abuja studio of STV, he said, they were just seven or eight of them involved in the venue of the protest, and he used to think that the police are friendly; when asked why the police reacted to the protest after giving them cover on the first day of the protest.

The leader of the protest group called “Mumu Don Do” further said, “Since the issue is a moral one, we have the right to bloody know what is wrong with the president. But the cabals don’t want the acting vice president to do his job. They want us to stay mute, take whatever crack they give us, and wallow in poverty. We are only standing for what is wrong in the system” 

 Concerning the demands of the group about the state President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Alesta Wilclox said, “It is the height of absurdity if the right of anyone is not considered. Because the fact remains that Nigeria is a democratic country, run by a constitution. So I’m in support of the protest because it is moral and you cannot legislate on morality”.

 In Charles’ Oputa concluding words, “said there is a lot of confusion in the land and we hear people do a lot of things all in the name of the president; his hands are tied.” He also said his message also goes to the youth to refuse their stolen future. While Mr Alesta Wilclox said if we love our president, we should go on our kneels and pray for him.